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The mission of the REALNINE FOOTBALL™ game is to provide a football league for boys and girls that is fun, competitive, and, above all, safe to play for all its participants. 

The design of the game gives us the opportunity to teach football skills and values without tackling and head contact. Our league is not based on a seven-man touch or flag-football concept. It is a nine-man game that is played with the same rules and regulations of eleven-man football while minimizing health risks. The procedures and innovative style of play govern each other to make for the safest simulated version of the eleven-man tackle game to date.

Weather playing in our youth game or as a high school athlete in the off-season REALNINE FOOTBALL™ is a game that will properly  transition young players from touch and flag football (non-contact) to eleven-man football, while preserving the health and long-term well-being of the athletes. All players will be equipped with soft shell head gear and shoulder pads. Teams are divided into age group specific divisions within two separate leagues - Junior Youth Leagues (6th, 7th, 8th Grades) and High School Leagues. All players will be equipped with soft-shell head gear and have the option of wearing a soft-shell shoulder pad.

Learning how to play the game of football and developing skill sets and techniques from qualified coaches in the safest possible way are the principles that guide our game. Although participating in a competitive atmosphere is part of our experience, learning the fundamentals to play properly and safely is our focus.


REALNINE FOOTBALL™ has the goal of providing the opportunity to learn the game of football and have fun while playing. Whether player goals are recreational fun or high level competitive performance REALNINE FOOTBALL™ is here to serve the player needs.  

The 9-man version of football is unique to many enthusiasts of game as it offers a variety of play that is more structured than your traditional youth flag football game and high school 7on7 game. Our 9-Man game offers a progressive platform to learn, develop, collaborate and most importantly grow as an athlete. We believe this not only leads to increased performance but also the joy of participating is sports.

  • Foundation by FundamentalsLearn the game, develop foundations by practicing fundamentals 
  • Tactic and Skill Development: Be part of a guided process towards executing technique, tactics and strategy as a team
  • Team Collaboration, Sportsmanship and Fun: Instill respect for the sport and your fellow participant athletes 

REALNINE FOOTBALL™ is a non-tackle 9on9 brand of football that simulates the traditional 11-man game by incorporating lineman. Adding linemen brings together the missing developmental factor and reinforces the key teachings of fundamentals and skills needed for effective football play. The games principles and rules have a design that naturally allows players of all competency levels to be productive in advancing their skills, being competitive, and having fun.

REALNINE FOOTBALL™ is played with 9 players on the field for each team:

  • Offensive Positions: There is a Center Position and 2 Guard Positions that make up the Offensive Line
    • 3 Man Surface: Guard, Center, Guard
    • 6 other players make up as the Quarterback Position and the five "eligible" players WR/RB/TE.
  • Defensive Positions: There is a maximum 2 players allowed at the line of scrimmage before the snap of the ball and must be shaded outside the guards
    • 2 surface end rushers
    • 7 other defenders may line up off the ball as seen fit by the coach to make up the defensive shell
    • Soft Shell equipment is required to participate in our game and it is recommend that the Gamebreaker brand is used.

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